Yemi Cregx not my type of Guy  – Khosi BBTitans

Yemi Cregx not my type of Guy  – Khosi BBTitans.

Big Brother Titans 2023 housemate, Khosi who had shown interest in Yemi and had shared a k!ss with him said he is not someone she would date outside the house.

The pair had been friends and initially focused on each other and not mingling with other housemates.

However, when Biggie introduced four new housemates on Thursday, Yemi began to show affection to the new housemate, Blue Alva.

Speaking on the development with Theo Tew, Khosi was uncomplimentary about Yemi.

Khosi to Theo Traw:

“Yemi is attractive but he’s not my type and is not someone I would date outside. He has a boring personality, there was always nothing to talk about. He doesn’t know how to have deep conversations.

“I don’t have a problem with Yemi and Blue, but I’m embarrassed with what’s happening even though I don’t care. He’s showing his true colours, that he’s an asshole and very inconsiderate. Now everyone is asking If I’m okay and feeling sorry for me.”

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