Why Tacha was disqualified from BBNaija 2019

Why Tacha was disqualified from BBNaija 2019.

Biggie on Friday evening, disqualified Tacha over the act of provocation and violence against Mercy, fellow Big Brother Naija housemate.

Tacha’s disqualification came after she and Mercy engaged in a dirty argument which had both housemates hurling insults at each other.

The fight started when Seyi called Mercy to the lounge so they could read Big Brother’s scroll for a task presentation.

But Mercy, who has had her bath came out late for the reading. This, however, did not go down well with Tacha who rained insults at her.

Mercy in return called Tacha a dirty girl with mouth and body odour which got Tacha furious as she dragged Mercy’s hair.

However, Biggie after playing the clip of the housemate’s fight said Tacha was found guilty of physical violence in the house.

Biggie, who quoted an article from the Big Brother’s rules said:

“You are guilty of physical assault and violence.”

Big Brother, therefore, disqualified Tacha from the Big Brother Naija 2019 reality TV show.

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23 thoughts on “Why Tacha was disqualified from BBNaija 2019

  1. after using our tacha to make money rather than giving her the money they went to their coven to manuplate a fight to disqualify her

    1. My opinion as well they all hated Tacha our favorite from day one all the housemates was against her they also hated on Frodd Tachas only friend she had was Khaffi

  2. i am also praying that whosoever that conspire to tachas disqualification will never succeed in life but TACHA will be flying with a crown on head full of diamond gold silver etc.

  3. they will always write false story on tacha, when u hate this girl so much why put her up for the show biggie examine urself properly ooo. tacha fans we are not happy after spending much money for her from day till now

  4. Tacha was bossy to most mates and its like she is not happy about something in her, She never liked Mercy she kept on nominating Mercy when biggie ask of her eviction on house mates. She need anger management therapy

  5. It takes 2 to tango. Why dd ya disqualify Tacha and let Mercy to continue with the game? You Rob Tacha’s victory in day light by giving Mercy a free ride to victory. Yr decision was based on hatred for Tacha, despite her leading the Chart thru out the game. Even if Mercy wins we all know that the Victory was for Tacha. Let her win but she will neva hve my votes and that of my family. Wariiiii! Ya hve our support. Whether ya win or lose.

    1. Even The Holy Bible Says: Let the fools appreciate themselves on their foolishness attitude.
      I wish you don’t be among them but you are someone like them.
      Stupid and arrogant fellows..

    2. Yeah Biggie you ressolved this Matter in unfair very unfair …..Mercy she is the one weaped her hair to Tacha face …I watch this ..I was on Leave that Friday .I saw the begin of the quarrel Between Mercy and Tacha.

  6. Why do we play politics with everything? Do you know the rules of the game? Did mercy lay a finger on Tacha? Go read the rules and and watch the clips again. If this is not propaganda, then you guys are ignorant asking for Mercy to be disqualified.

    Tacha need to learn emotional intelligence, it is even more important than intelligence in today’s world. I do not want to take side here. How do think the world would perceive someone who is arrogant, calls every other person a dummy, yet she could not spell were she is from correctly. She could not even spell daughter. We can accommodate you if you are arrogant and intelligent or on point. Nobody go respect you if you dey arrogant com mumu ontop. If you are humble and not smart, people will appreciate you for the humility. If you are smart and arrogant people will appreciate you for the smartness. If you are humble and smart, oooooo people will carry you on their back. If you are dumb and arrogant, you will always meet a dead end. Yes, I said always.

  7. I feel that Big Brothers decision was biased, if the law book states provocation, why then was Mercy not disqualified? If disqualification was a way forward then both of them were supposed to be disqualified same goes for strikes but it seemed Tacha was the only person hated the most followed by Omashola but the God we serve will expose them for what they did to Tacha even though I was not her fan but what happened was truly unfair, and yes she had anger issues but Biggie did nothing to help her and the little that she made there she was robbed off too…. Well next time they should just put their favorites only and leave other people’s children out of Big Brother because it seems their plan is for Mercy to win, I wonder how much she paid to end up being saved and even when the immunity was said to be for week 13 only but Biggie said she was safe the only people Frodd had to evict were Diane and Omashola. By God’s grace Omashola made it even though we know no one likes him we will still vote for him merciless and massively by God’s grace he will go far in life.But Ike was taken to a Psychologist because he was doing a good thing Shagging Mercy and Biggie was loving it so Tachas mistake was that even after being tried in the secret room she did not succumb to Biggies wishes to see her snagged!If you don’t have sec in Big Brothers house its the biggest sin of the season.

  8. Biggie you did not ressolve this issue between Mercy and Tacha fairly as Viewers we saw with our naked eyes Tacha never enter into phyical action with Mercy instead Mercy weaped her hairs to Tacha face Diane too slap Tacha in her eye what did you do ?Please BiggieNever do such thing again .

  9. Tacha is the winner. I don’t care who takes your money Biggie. you guys are just biased. your hate for that gal was evidently seen. you only leave the people you like in your house, what’s the purpose of the show then if it only relies of bias.

  10. All yu supporting Tacha are worse dan her..
    Afta fighting every HM yu people are still making noises.
    I pity una life,,
    Mercy for d Money (MFM)

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