Why I Love Bad Boys like Ike – Ella Explained

Why I Love Bad Boys like Ike – Ella Explained.

BBNaija Ella has explained her attraction to housemate, Ike, in an interview. Ella said she likes bad boys and therefore found Ike interesting. Going further, Ella revealed she couldn’t pursue her feelings due to Ike’s other love interest, Mercy.

Following her eviction from the ex-BBNaija housemate, Ella is spilling some juicy gist about her time in the house and her attraction to fellow housemate, Ike

Giving her reason for her closeness with Ike, the ex-housemate revealed she likes bad boys and according to her, Ike having been to prisons in different countries, fell perfectly in that category.

Ella had this to say:

“What you guys don’t know about that is, I told Ike that I liked him, right? Mercy wasn’t even strong then like she just still trying as much as possible to like see that it just works, I don’t know…then sometimes when I ask her she would be like she knows what she is doing.

“But I did like Ike because I thought and still think he is an interesting person. His personality is actually like a movie so I thought if we got closer I could probably get to know more about him but it kind of felt like Mercy was like my friend and he is my friend too and I didn’t want all that mirage happening… So we turned out to be cool friends.

I like bad boys, they are interesting, they have a story, it’s not like a cool guy who doesn’t speak too much or all he wanna do is just make you smile. “There has to be this horrific feeling when you are in a relationship.

I think to me it keeps the swag going…you know. I really would have loved to know Ike really very well because I wanted to know.

There was a part where he said he feels its Karma coming back, things that he’s done and I was aware that…you know…he went to prison in every countries he travelled to

 I needed to know what was leading to all those back actions because you can see the bad side of Ike but inside he just wants to do good. I’m sure he doesn’t know when he does the bad and can’t control it,”

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