White Money advises Queen what to do against Sunday’s Eviction

White Money advises Queen what to do against Sunday’s Eviction.

White Money, Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, has told Queen what to do regarding the upcoming eviction on Sunday of the week 4.

There has been huge tension among the housemates following Biggie’s announcement that the Monday nomination and eviction for the week have been cancelled.

Biggie however, told Maria who became the head of house, to convince the housemates that she has the authority to nominate two housemates to be evicted on Sunday.

Biggie urged Maria to keep it a secret but disclose to the housemate that the least one among them to impress her will be evicted.

Following the development, the housemates have been tense due to the fact that they aren’t sure about who Maria would want to evict.

Queen, who joined the housemates two weeks after the show started, expressed the most concerns as her eviction was a bit obvious due to the fact that she has had a clash with Maria and the two seem to be at loggerheads even after their differences had been resolved.

However, White Money, who seemed to be disturbed by Queen’s worries over being evicted from the show on Sunday during a discussion with her, advised her to let go of her worries and play her game.

According to him, rather than worrying about being evicted, she should sell herself to the world as the opportunity she has currently might not come by again.

He also urged her to program her mind that you are leaving the show on Sunday so that whether it happens or not there won’t be much impact on her because it is something she already envisioned.

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White Money Speaking:

”Just Imagine that you have been rejected and you are going but just imagine that only for Sunday for today till that time just focus on your game.

”Any task we are given to make sure you carry it out dutifully. If your talent is singing, singing just ensures you nail all the tasks that are being given to you. Sell yourself because a lot of investors, brands, NGO’s are all watching you and showing your weakness isn’t the best way to deal with certain situations because no one will want to sign you when you project yourself as being weak.

”As for me I feel grateful and every day I spend here in Biggy’s house is a blessing. So I will advise that this one week that we still have to stay here, sell ourselves to the world.

”Program your mind, tell yourself that you are leaving the show on Sunday so that whether It happens or not there won’t be much impact on you because it is something that you already envisioned.”

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