Week 4 Nomination Result in Big Brother Naija 2021

Week 4 Nomination Result in Big Brother Naija 2021.

Only the Week 4 winner of Head of House game in the Big Brother Naija is safe from possible eviction this week.

Results for Nominations of Week 4 of Big Brother Naija 2021 are here as all the housemates finish their first regular live nominations of the season 6.

The nomination was completed successfully as each housemates went inside the dairy room to nominate their fellow housemate in the reality TV show.

Housemates with least votes stand in chance to be evicted from the reality come this Sunday. Make sure you vote to save your favourite housemate.

Nomination Result for Week 4 in BBNaija 2021

Below is how the housemates nominated the other during Tonight’s Live Nomination Show on Big Brother Naija.

1.MariaNo Nomination
No Nomination
3.CrossNo Nomination
4.SammieNo Nomination
5.Jay Paul
No Nomination
6.EmmanuelNo Nomination
7.YousefNo Nomination
8.PereNo Nomination
9.White MoneyNo Nomination
10.AngelNo Nomination
11.LiquoriseNo Nomination
12.NiniNo Nomination
13.PeaceNo Nomination
14.BomaNo Nomination
15.TegaNo Nomination
16.SaskayNo Nomination
17.jackie BNo Nomination
18.MichaelNo Nomination
19.JMKNo Nomination
20.QueenNo Nomination
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Now there are your awaited nominees of the week! Who are voting for? Drop your comment.

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