Voting Cee C BBNaija for Free on the Mobile Site, Desktop Site and SMS Code

Voting Cee C BBNaija for Free on the Mobile Site, Desktop Site and SMS Code.

Voting for Cee C in big brother naija is easier with mobile site, desktop site and SMS. As we all know, voting on the web is free, but with small MB consumption rate, and you can vote on mobile or desktop site for a single eviction up to 100 times in each platform using a single telephone number.

However, we also considered using vote for Cee C through SMS as an alternative when it’s difficult for you to use the mobile or desktop site or if your mobile phone is not connected to the internet.

How to vote for bbnaija Cee C on mobile site/desktop site for free

To keep Cee C in the big brother naija 2018 live show, you have the chance to vote up to 100 times using the mobile or desktop site.

  1. Use the mobile or desktop site at
  2. Follow the register button and choose your country of vote. (e.g MALAWI)
  3. Fill in your phone with and a password
  4. After registration, you will need to vote for Cee C as your favourite housemate.
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Data charges is apply, also 100 votes is allowed for each of the platform using a single phone number, either the mobile, desktop or SMS. That means a single phone number cannot vote more than 300 times for each nomination for weekly eviction.

How to vote for Cee C in bbnaija on SMS for free

The use of SMS, text “vote and housemate name to 32052”. Ensure you type the name correctly to avoid error in SMS. Example: vote Cee C to 32052.

SMS vote cost N30 (thirty naira) only for each messages you send. You are allowed to vote only 100 times to keep Cee C in the big brother house and possibly win.

17 thoughts on “Voting Cee C BBNaija for Free on the Mobile Site, Desktop Site and SMS Code

  1. Alex said that she doesn’t notice anybody’s face,but in d diary session she always mentioned cee c name,stop confusing d thunder fool

  2. They says she doesn’t have friends,please who friends help?cee c fan’s pls let’s help our babe,what u throw bk is what you receive…….. She’s here for d game not to fool around like Alex,zombie

  3. Cee c is 100% better and decent than Alex,she pretended to be holier than Jesus Christ himself but can’t hold her waist….jumping from one guy to another….receive sence

  4. Cee-C will win this money and Tobi will be the Heritage Bank cashier who will pay it out to her over the counter.

  5. Cee-c I love u bby u are really wahala . But Tobi &Alex ur days are numbered,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Joyce from Kenya cee c nywaaaah

  6. Initially liked Ceebi. Then disliked Cee-C when she emotionally abused Tobi. Now started to dislike Tobi for emotionally-abusing Cee-C, turning everyone against her. That’s just cruel.

  7. Cee-C, I pray for you to continue being strong in the midst of animosity. Persevere and win this game! May God be on your side.

  8. Tobi cunningly does not nominate Cee-C, knowing he has already done enough ground work influencing other housemates to alienate and nominate her constantly. His replacement, conspiracy, endless gossip and mockery of Cee-C as well as their lovers’ rows do not warrant all the hostility she is being subjected to by him and the rest of the housemates. As for Alex, she pretends it’s platonic sisterly love but she wants Tobi for herself and that’s why she despises Cee-C with a passion

  9. Ceebi was a cute couple. Pity other housemates have meddled in their affair which they could have worked out without external interference. Undeniably, Cee-C was harsh on Tobi in the beginning and admits that. She has been humbled since. We all make mistakes. Hopefully she has learnt from her mistakes and will become a better person going forward.

  10. Cee-C is not the only one in the house guilty of denying a misdeed yet she’s been permanently labeled a liar. Why overlook Tobi’s denial of conspiracy vividly proven in the video? Alex, Rico, Anto and Lolu also defended his lie by claiming they did not hear and that he did not utter the words audible in the video. All blatant liars. In fact they are implicitly accusing Big Brother of being a liar and are questioning his integrity

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