How To Vote On The Web In Big Brother Naija 2020 Show For Free –

How To Vote On The Web In Big Brother Naija 2020 Show For Free –

Voting for your favourite Housemate in the BBNaija Web is now easier with WeChat to vote on the Big Brother Nigeria platform. As we all know, voting on the BBNaija 2020 Web is FREE, with the small consumption of Megabytes (MB) at lower rates, and you can vote on the Web for Free for 100 times a single eviction.

If you’re looking for an easy way to vote in the BBNaija 2020 edition on Web, this is the place to be. However, we also considered using the SMS voting system as an alternative when it is difficult to use Website for voting or when your mobile phone is not connected to the Internet access.

Steps To Vote On The Web In Big Brother Naija 2020

Below in this post, we have carefully written “ How To Vote On The Web In Big Brother Naija 2020 Show For Free –”

1. Go to the BB Naija Vote page at

2. Sign in using your Moblie (Phone) Number

3. Create a simple Password

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4. Then, Select your Favourite Housemate from the Options Provided

5. Enter the number of Votes

5. Tap the VOTE section to carry out your voting.

To keep your favourite Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, you need to use the BBNaija Voting Website as a tool to save your favourite Housemate.

PLEASE NOTE: Data charges is apply, also 100 votes is allowed for each Nomination for Weekly Eviction, the same will be done in subsequent weeks.


The use of SMS, text your favorite “Housemate name to 32052”. Ensure you type the name of the housemate you want to keep in the house. Example: VOTE ESE to 32052.

PLEASE NOTE: SMS Voting cost 30 only for each vote you send. You are allowed to vote as many times as you can to keep your favourite Housemate(s) in the Big Brother House In the 2020 live show.

45 thoughts on “How To Vote On The Web In Big Brother Naija 2020 Show For Free –

  1. I am voting for my 4 favourite in big brother house double wahala i love them the house will be boring without them LOLU , MIRACLE, NINA AND RICO. please lets vote and vote for this 4 .

  2. cee c is the next gal to leave the house
    I don’t really like the way she behavior
    she doesn’t take advise from her fellow housemate
    I don’t hate her, but I hate her behavior

  3. Teddy A made ma Saturday night so wonderful, the guy sabi dance
    my guy Teddy A keep it up I dey your side
    Nothing dey happen…..I love u my guy!

  4. How do you go against what big brother has created with his own hands, remember his house, his rules. Ceelo is the only team created by bb, while the rest are just copycats. #ceelo.

  5. All house mates are my fun only dislike cee c and team nina and team rico.cee c go home i really hate your Attitude ; rudeness ; jeloursy etc

  6. I will vote Lifu. Ifu is so talented and Leo is a cool guy. He is an intelligent guy. We need them in the house. They still have a lot to offer

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