Venita tells Big Brother that Tacha Intimidates Her

Venita tells Big Brother that Tacha Intimidates Her.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 housemate, Venita, has revealed her highest contender in the BBNaija 2019 “Pepper dem” house, during her diary session with Biggie.

In her diary session yesterday evening, Big Brother asked Venita who among the housemates intimidates her the most, and she opened up to him saying it was Tacha.

Venita said on her arrival to the house, she saw Tacha as a big challenge and threat and also felt intimidated by her because Tacha never wastes time in attacking whoever steps on her toes.

She earlier complained to Seyi that Tacha is rude and bitter but needs help from housemates in the house.

She said recently, she is beginning to see a different side of Tacha, but that didn’t happen until she decided to act friendly with the acclaimed Port Harcourt first daughter.

Venita said she started greeting Tacha and talking to her, not minding if she reciprocated or not and to her surprise, Tacha was receptive, responding to her greetings and returning her gestures.

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She said she discovered Tacha is actually a sweet and kind person and always willing to help her.

Venita, however, concluded that Tacha must probably be going through a lot of stuff, which is why she reacts to people the way she does and acts all mean and bitter.

She stated that she’s beginning to like and admire the sweet side of Tacha and has come to the conclusion that Tacha isn’t as bad as she makes people think she is.

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One thought on “Venita tells Big Brother that Tacha Intimidates Her

  1. please i want to tacha to win this bbn season 4 edition of pepper dem, if other house mates win it, they will take our money and go abroad and invest it there, but if tacha wins she will invest it in nigeria especially PH, so dat all nigerians will see it and it will make our country naija to be happy and biggie as well. SO VOTE FOR TACHA TILL THE FINALS.

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