Tecno Task Winners in Week 4 of BBNaija 2021

Tecno Task Winners in Week 4 of BBNaija 2021.

The Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Housemates are faced with yet another task, yet exciting and this time around, it is proudly sponsored by Tecno Mobile. Its winner takes it all game for each team.

We have seen all they can cook up with their theatrical and musical talents, but we are yet to see if the Shine Ya Eye geng has a knack for technology too.

With “STOP AT NOTHING” as the brand’s essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed and intelligent products that inspire consumers to uncover a world of possibilities.

TECNO is made for the Young at Heart, progressive in thinking and ageless in spirit. They strive for change and to become better versions of themselves, progressing each day in building the life they envision for themselves.

Today’s Task required the housemates to be divided into four teams. A box containing the team names was provided. As usual, each of the Housemates is to take turns in picking one card from the box. Housemates who picked the same team names will play as a team for the entire task.

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Teams for the Techno Task in Week 4

  1. Team Xcellent
  2. Team Xceptional
  3. Team Xclussive
  4. Team Xtra Ordinary

The Tecno task was in two parts – the first part is all about the Tecno teaser games, which will feature two exciting games namely;

  1. The X-Rush
  2. Word Unscrambler.

During the preparation for the games, Tecno Brand Information Materials were provided for each Housemate. As a team, housemates were asked to study the contents carefully before they proceed to the Arena for the Tecno task.

Housemates were given one hour to prepare for the task before moving to the Arena for the game.

Winners of the Tecno Task in Week 4

The winners of the Tecno Mobile task will be published shortly after Biggie’s announcement.

Every member of each team was expected to be actively involved in this activity, as it determines the outcome of the overall task and for result collation.

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