Tacha went Emotional after settling with Mike

Tacha went Emotional after settling with Mike.

The epic return of Seyi and Tacha back to the Big Brother Naija house, things became uncomfortable and different. The housemates started gossiping about them, mostly about Tacha and they didn’t hide their displeasure as it was written all over their faces.

While they tried to settle in for the night, Tacha, on the advice of Sir Dee, had approached Mike so they could try and understand each other after their spat on Sunday.

She appreciated his honesty with her during his speech and spoke a lot about the reasons she was so closed off from the other housemates and her struggles in life.

She also tried to make things clear between them and apologised for insulting him and making him look bad.

When she finished, Mike reacted to her talk and eventually apologised to her about their fight on Sunday, which he admitted was his fault.

Mike also told her, “I am not a regular guy, you may have watched my video, but you don’t know my background. Don’t project your misery unto others. There’s confidence, and there’s arrogance. I don’t see the confidence. Don’t make it difficult for people to understand you. You don’t respect who disrespects you. Listen more than you talk.”

And guess what Tacha said after the talk? She said, “I can’t change because I can’t be another person, but things will be better!” even her looked when Mike was speaking to hear proved that he got through to her. And while she was making her point, she started to drop tears from her eyes.

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That’s a lot coming from Tacha. The truth is while she was in the secret room, Seyi had done the preliminary work on changing her attitude so when she came back, and Mike gave that speech at dinner and thereafter, Sir Dee spoke to her about the perception of her by other housemates in a loving manner, she just had to cave in.

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  1. What tacha is trying with a regular naija guy, she can’t go Scot free with an Abroad guy o because they will tell her how it is, they don’t know how to LIE.

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