Tacha risk Eviction after Heated Argument with Joe in BBNaija 2019

Tacha risk Eviction after Heated Argument with Joe in BBNaija 2019.

Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate, Tacha on Friday engaged in a heated argument which almost led to fighting with fellow housemate, Joe.

Tacha rained insults on Joe as he threatened to touch her.

It is not clear why they were arguing, but Tacha had warned Joe to stay away from her, but he refused.

Joe slightly drew closer to Tacha, touched her duvet, which made her even more furious till she hit him on the face.

This action may earn Tacha a strike from Big Brother or a likely eviction from the ‘Pepper Dem’ edition as it is against Big Brother rules to engage in a physical fight or use violence in the house.

Recall that Ike and Omashola got a strike in the first week of the BBNaija 2019 show following their outrage on Saturday night after their coins went missing.

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Omasola had broken rules of the house for threatening housemates after his 100 coins were no longer in the Bible where he kept them.

Ike also broke the rule after he noticed that his coins were missing, and threaten fire and brimstone.

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4 thoughts on “Tacha risk Eviction after Heated Argument with Joe in BBNaija 2019

  1. Tacha is human as a woman she is ambitious that does not mean she is better than everyone else. She is standing her grounds among those who undermine women. HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tacha thinks she’s the sponsor of Big brother if she is not Evicted it will raise eyebrow to us already considering the many instances where she seems to be too confident about winning BBN 2019 she needs to be put in her place so next time she abides by the rules….

  3. I think that Tacha should be disqualified because,to me that is a act of violence. The other housemates story is not the same like Tacha.She actually lifted her hand,and not even a strike should save her,as this is a very bad behavior. She even told another housemate to fock off.She is just very in human.If she doesn’t get disqualified then i take it..this show is bias..and then i would say that Nigeria actually except this behavior, which makes one think.

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