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Seyi gave Biggie his opinion about Frodd, Esther’s Relationship

Seyi gave Biggie his opinion about Frodd, Esther’s Relationship.

Seyi Big, Brother Naija 2019 Housemate on Thursday, disclosed his opinions about the brewing relationship between Frodd and Esther in the house.

Seyi BBNaija speaking to Biggie during his diary session on Thursday said he felt Frodd and Esther were not a good love pair.

According to Seyi:

“Frodd and Esther’s relationship is toxic and unhealthy. I don’t think they make a good pair.”

Recall that Frodd at several occasions had proposed his love to Esther in the BBNaija 2019 reality TV show.

On the other hand, Esther seemed not to be interested in Frodd and has turned him down severally in the house.

Also, Frodd almost got disqualified from BBNaija sometime last week after he was seen on Esther’s bed without underwear while trying to touch and caress Esther’s body forcefully.

Esther hesitated and warned Frodd to wear his boxers back on several times, but he refused.

This attracted Biggie’s attention as he called Frodd to an emergency diary session.

After the diary session, Frodd, who was earlier on Esther’s bed, returned suddenly to his bed.

It is not sure what Biggie told him at the diary session as it was not aired to the BBNaija fans, but there is the possibility that Frodd may be issued a strike or be disqualified for harassment.

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