See what White Money told Queen after nominations in Week 7

See what White Money told Queen after nominations in Week 7.

White Money, Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, has told Queen to stop getting upset about being nominated for possible eviction.

White Money said this during a conversation with Queen and Liquorose after nominations on Monday evening.

White Money, Saga, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Jackie B, Pere, JayPaul, and Saskay were all nominated for possible eviction on Sunday.

Fortunately, Emmanuel won the head of house game which automatically exempted him from the nominations which is immunity.

However, Biggy announced a twist in the game in the week 7.

He said that the second runner up will be given the veto power to save and replace, adding that the status quo for the deputy head of house if up for eviction remains the same.

Pere, who was the second runner up saved himself and replaced with Queen.

Following the development, White Money after the nominations, tried to console Queen who was angry that Pere used her for replacement.

He told her to always remember that Big Brother Naija is a game and not to let things like this get the best of her.

According to White Money:

“If anyone is to get upset it should be me because I clean and cook but yet they still nominated me but am not in any way upset about it.

“I totally understand that this is a game and that’s why stuffs like this don’t get to me.

“I have told you to do the same too. You can’t be angry over nothing. One thing you should know is that nothing can stop who God has blessed or the blessings God has for anyone.

“I have been nominated countless times but yet am still here. So, don’t get worked up over nothing just enjoy your stay here while it lasts.”

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Meanwhile, White Money, Saga, Queen, Saskay, Liquorose, Jackie B, and JayPaul are up for possible eviction on Sunday in week 7 of the TV show.

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