Saga reveals how he begged Biggie to end secret task

Saga reveals how he begged Biggie to end secret task.

Big Brother Naija 2021 housemate, Saga, has revealed that he approached Biggie to end the secret task he had given him earlier.

Recall that Saga failed his secret task when he revealed the prank to Nini as he was scared of ruining his relationship.

Big Brother had on Tuesday instructed Saga to start a fight and avoid Nini until the next diary session.

He had said if he executes the prank, Saga will be rewarded with 200 Abeg Naira and 200 BB-tokens.

However, after Nini had an altercation with Cross on Wednesday, Saga apologized to Nini and revealed the secret task.

He said he was sorry and confessed that he avoided her because he was instructed to.

Speaking to Nini, Saga said he had approached Biggie to end the task, but he was ignored.

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Saga to Nini:

“I went to the diary room to beg Biggie to end the prank, but he didn’t answer me; I will never hurt you.”

He added that he knows the world and Biggie are angry at his action.

Nini, however, teased him that he couldn’t even handle a simple task for 24 hours.

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