Revolution Plus Task Winners in week 6 of Big Brother Naija 2021

Revolution Plus Task Winner in week 6 of Big Brother Naija 2021.

The Big Brother Naija 2021 housemates were challenged with the Revolution Plus Property task. The task was sponsored by Revolution Plus Real Estate Nigeria and it was a promotional task for the Housemates as team members were asked to make skit promoting RevolutionPlus Properties.

It was a double challenge task and addition of cash prizes to the banks of some housemates in the Shine Ya Eye season of the Big Brother Nigeria 2021 reality TV show.

For the Revolution Plus Task, the Housemates were asked to divide themselves into teams through a lucky dip as presented by the HOH of week 6. Each team had to work together for the Revolution Plus task and it had to be in the arena.

After splitting up into teams, they went their separate ways to get prepared for the task presentation.

Revolution Plus Task Teams for Week 6 in BBNaija

  1. Team Dream City: (Boma and Peace)
  2. Team Victoria Court: (Angel and Tega)
  3. Team Royale Terraces: (Saga and Saskay)
  4. Team Silverspring Court: (Pere and Liquorose)
  5. Team Anfield Garden: (Jackie B, Emmanuel, Nini)
  6. Team California City: (Yousef, Michael, and Queen)
  7. Team Flourish Apartment: (White Money, Cross, and Jay Paul)

The housemates were called to the arena by Big Brother for the presentation and skit to starts as the arena was set up by the task sponsor, Revolution Plus Property.

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Winner of the Revolution Plus Task in Week 6 of Big Brother Naija

Team Silversping (Pere and Liquorose) won the first Task. Total winning Prize is N1.1 Million they gets N550,000 each for winning the task.

Team Flourish Apartment: (White Money, Cross, and Jay Paul) won the second and last Task, and they gets N1.4 Million. each member of the group gets N446,000.

The first task, housemates were asked to have a presentation promoting Revolution Plus.

For the second task, housemates were asked to make a skit promoting the Revolution Plus Property.

For the next task, housemates were asked to play the words game, as one member of the team will reveal the words with description and absolute silence while other member(s) are to guess the right words within 60 seconds

Stay hooked for the latest updates on the Revolution Plus BBNaija Task winners this week in the BBN 2021 TV show.

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