Revenge is sweet, chill and Keep your Distance – Ike tells Frodd

Revenge is sweet, chill and Keep your Distance – Ike tells Frodd.

The lingering battle between Frodd, Esther, and Nelson are getting exciting and sturdy as the housemates are still yet to settle their true feelings for each other.

Frodd complaining to Ike on Nelson’s beefing him because of Esther, Ike felt his pain and also narrated his own story for being hurt so many times.

Ike advice Frodd to take revenge on her, but he has to be chill for now and let her be for now, that revenged must come later from him.

Ike insisted that revenge is always sweet, that payback is the solution for being hurt.

According to Ike;

Frodd chill and take revenge later, because revenge is always sweet, and it makes you feel satisfied for being hurt by anyone.

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I have been hurt so many times like you’re feeling now, only revenge will make you let go of the bad feelings  – Ike tells Frodd.

Recall that, Nelson had recently threatened to call out Frodd because of Esther.

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