Nomination Result for Week seven in BBNaija 2019

Nomination Result for Week seven in BBNaija 2019.

This is the Nominations result in Week 7 eviction of Big Brother Naija 2019, as this week at least one of the nominated housemates will be evicted come Sunday during the live eviction show.

The house became tense as the challenges for nomination begins in biggie’s house.

Three housemates represented from each groups during the first and the second challenges.

First challenge for Balloon placement

Omashola and Cindy represented the Red Team and scored a total of 9 points.

Joe and Jackye represented the Green Team and scored 8 points.

Second challenge for Lace Tie Up

Sir Dee represented the Red Team and Scored 6 point.

Mike represented the green Team and scored 7 points.

There was a tie at the first and second challenge, which brings about a tiebreaker in the game.

Mike and Sir Dee went for the tiebreaker and Mike finally wins for the Green Team.

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Diane who is the holder of Veto power, saved Sir Dee and replaced with Joe.

List of Nomination Result for Week Seven in BBNaija 2019

Members of Team Red (ICON) in BBNaija up for possible possible eviction in week 7, including a member from the Green Team who was replaced by the Veto Power card holder.

  1. Omashola
  2. Tacha
  3. Frodd
  4. Elozonam
  5. Ike
  6. Enkay
  7. Cindy
  8. Khafi
  9. Joe

You can vote for your favourite housemate to be in the game from the week 7 nomination result as shown above.

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