Nomination Result for Week Four in BBNaija 2019

Nomination Result for Week Four in BBNaija 2019.

Results for Nominations of Week 4 of Big Brother Naija 2019 are here as the remaining seventeen Housemates finish their first regular live nominations of the season.

Khafi couldn’t save and replace with her Veto Power card, as all housemates are up for possible eviction.

List of Nomination Result for Week Four in BBNaija 2019

Below is how the housemates nominated the other during Tonight’s Live Nomination Show on Big Brother Naija [Week Two]:

  1. Esther – Nominated [Jeff and Omashola]
  2. Thelma – Nominated [Esther and Sir Dee]
  3. Mike – Nominated [Khafi and Frodd]
  4. Ike – Nominated [Jeff and Nelson]
  5. Omashola – Nominated [Thelma and Frodd]
  6. Diane – Nominated [Mike and Jackye]
  7. Sir Dee – Nominated [Omashola and Thelma]
  8. Jackye – Nominated [Frodd and Thelma]
  9. Frodd – Nominated [Jeff and Nelson]
  10. Nelson – Nominated [Jeff and Khafi]
  11. Jeff – Nominated [Khafi and Ike]
  12. Mercy – Nominated [Jackye and Jeff]
  13. Gedoni – Nominated [Thelma and Omashola]
  14. Khafi – Nominated [Jeff and Thelma]
  15. Tacha – No Nomination
  16. Seyi – No nomination

Housemate up for Eviction in Week 4

  1. Esther
  2. Thelma
  3. Mike
  4. Ike
  5. Omashola
  6. Diane
  7. Sir Dee
  8. Jackye
  9. Frodd
  10. Nelson
  11. Jeff
  12. Mercy
  13. Gedoni
  14. Khafi
  15. Tacha
  16. Seyi

Now there are your awaited nominees of the week! Who are voting for? Drop your comment.

20 thoughts on “Nomination Result for Week Four in BBNaija 2019

  1. Nkateko says:

    Most of the housemates are loud but is a problem with Omashola

    Do not forget peoples personalities are unigue and we need to embrace it

  2. Mercy the Queen ,Ike the king and Diane the princess of the big brother palace .I pray that BB will hand that money over to the Queen .

  3. Mercy makes it real in d house, Mercy all d way… I want her in d house to keep splashing pepper on their eyes.. My merciful

  4. Biggie please be showing the secret room, i love watching Tacha and Seyi, especially my Tacha Baby

  5. Debi, Tacha Nation, Tacha all the way, Tacha is peppering dem, the housemates wants to say goodbye to Tacha, but she ignores their hugging, peper dem my tacha we are ther for u till day 99, we love u

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