Nomination Result for Week Five in BBNaija 2019

Nomination Result for Week Five in BBNaija 2019.

Results for Nominations of Week 5 of Big Brother Naija 2019 are here as the remaining fourteen Housemates finish their first regular live nominations of the season.

There was no Veto Power card, so there will be no chance foe save and replace.

List of Nomination Result for Week Five in BBNaija 2019

Below is how the housemates nominated the other during Tonight’s Live Nomination, also the Nomination Result for Week Five in BBNaija 2019.

  1. Esther – Nominated [Jeff and Omashola]
  2. Mike – Nominated [Seyi and Tacha]
  3. Ike – Nominated [Jeff and Jackye]
  4. Tacha – Nominated [Jeff and Gedoni]
  5. Seyi – Nominated [Jeff and Tacha]
  6. Omashola – Nominated [Mike and Ike]
  7. Diane – Nominated [Jeff and Seyi]
  8. Sir Dee – Nominated [Ike and Omashola]
  9. Jackye – Nominated [Jeff and Omashola]
  10. Frodd – Nominated [Jeff and Sir Dee]
  11. Jeff – Nominated [Tacha and Sir Dee]
  12. Mercy – Nominated [Mike and Omashola]
  13. Gedoni – Nominated [Mike and Jeff]
  14. Khafi – Nominated [Jackye and Esther]

Housemate up for Eviction in Week 5

The following housemates are up for possible eviction in week five of the BBNaija show.

  1. Jeff
  2. Omashola
  3. Tacha
  4. Mike
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Now there are your awaited nominees of the week! Who are voting for? Drop your comment.

30 thoughts on “Nomination Result for Week Five in BBNaija 2019

  1. Tacha is full of herself lately, her not soo good attitude is making her less interesting daily..she needs to eat a humble pie that’s for sure
    As for Mike (Arggg)
    My vote goes to Jeff and Shola all day every day till day 😊☺️😃

  2. Na warri pinkin be omashola oo…see.. after we na weoo, we nor dey fear anybody..abeg bbnaija give d money to omashola fast.. omashola after warri na u..

  3. I love Khafi, she is always beautiful and happy with good heart. She love Gedoni and nobody should interrupt for them.

  4. tacha fans, pls lets keep voting girl, we can do it for her, `she loves us so we love her, no matter the hatred in d house 4 her, lets keep voting our girl

  5. Mike is a real man, cool,mature and am sure the money would make a huge difference to the world if he wins…

  6. omashola, warri, streeeeeet! tacha fans love u, but lets give it to tacha this time around, tacha for the money

  7. Seyi why did u nominate tacha, i use to vote for both of u bcos d love i have for u too, but nominating my girl tacha, no more votes for u. tacha dont be scared the almighty is by ur side. u will win

  8. my tenants all but gotv cable just to watch u, u are the reason of our subscription, go ahead my girl tacha, PH love u.

  9. these housemates they just hate tacha, always putting up for possible eviction, because she is the winner of pepper dem, they are scared of her, all the way tacha, we love u.

  10. i must speak loud the sentimental nomination by MIKE…. i used to love this dude but nominating SEYI AND TACHA the recently fake evicted is not matured at all…. well i know my people will be safe….


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