Nigerians reacts after Mercy Cursed Ike in Big Brother house

Nigerians reacts after Mercy Cursed Ike in Big Brother house.

We earlier reported that BBNaija 2019 lovers, Mercy, and Ike had a misunderstanding which led to an outburst from Mercy after the Saturday’s night party.

Nigerians has taken to Twitter to react to Mercy’s action towards Ike in BBNaija house.

Recall that Mercy is up for possible eviction alongside six other housemates in week 8 of the BBNaija 2019 reality show.

Mercy that was seen to be scared of possible eviction after the party time last night was with Ike in Biggie’s garden talking about her possible eviction from the show in week 8.

Ike, who is seen as a true lover, ask Mercy to be strong that she’s not going home yet, but Mercy persists on saying she might leave the house.

Ike insists on leaving with her when she is evicted from the show, but Mercy, in turn, said Ike is stupid for saying that.

Confused Ike said then he would stay to win the money for both of them in case she’s evicted from the reality show.

The issue got linked with Elozonam who couldn’t save Diane from nomination list on Monday with their level of friendship.

Elozonam was trying to explain about his choice of saving Venita instead of Diane, and then Ike told him that he holds no one explanation as he has minimal time to make his decision and everyone came here to win the N60 million Naira by themselves.

Mercy misunderstood Ike’s comment on winning N60 as she got pissed and rained insult on him for valuing money more than friendship as she claimed.

Mercy to Ike:

“You are such a foolish human for loving money more than human; I made a mistake for loving this f*cking b*tch.

You want me to leave so that you will win the money. Nothing will make you win this money when I am still here.

You couldn’t make it in America, and you think you can make here in Nigeria?”

Ike walked away after Mercy attempt to hit him with bottle water-filled can.

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After the outburst, Diane came in and said Ike was never wrong in anything he said and he’s very sincere about everything he said about loving her.

Elozonam also came in to talk sense into Mercy to understand what Ike meant and Ike’s sincerity for her in the house.

After a while, the lover came back together to settle things amongst themselves and got back together.

@WeyDeyHappen: I Declare and Decree that he will make it in Nigeria and beyond! In the name of Jesus!

@mahamoo02495610: I swear mercy has issues, I’m disappointed 😞 this is soo mean. Why pour water on him

@Warriboy9: Mercy is a big mumu… I don’t just know y I don’t like her no matter how her fans try to force her on our faces….

@Undefeated_O: Whether she said it because of fear of EVICTION or NOT,

I DECREE, Ike Onyema will MAKE IT IN NIGERIA IN JESUS NAME, Mercy’s stupid proclamation will go back to her Seven Folds..

@olaide06082894: Her true color is coming out

@Undefeated_O: Ike deserves better, MERCY is Emotionally abusive…

@Boboafrica1: That escalated so quickly.  And Mercy threw something on him. This is simple misunderstanding though

@PatDike2: Lol I pity him this night, she  needs to stop drinking she acts up way too much when she drinks not nice at all

@InoDeyHearWord: Mercy’s behaviour tonight is the reason she shouldn’t win this year’s big brother. She is not real and always looking for the slightest chance to throw another housemate under the bus. She and Tacha should not win the money abeg!

@Undefeated_O: You don’t tell people you love they won’t make it in life, there’s no love

@KofiMen11736532: Mercy will never date Ike outside the house…that’s a fact

@Omo_Rhodes: Aswear tacha is far better than this girl, she’s a pretender and hypocrite

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