Miracle Won Friday Night PayPorte Arena Game for Week 10

Miracle Won Friday Night PayPorte Arena Game for Week 10

Another Miracle’s day once more at the week 10 PayPorte Arena games as he emerged winner once again.

Gormer strategic partner and lover, Nina was the first to go on the Big Brother Naija Friday night PayPorte Arena games and she finished just two minutes and seventeen seconds.

Miracle was next and it was a trek in the park for him with time just a

minute and twenty one seconds, Anto struggled with the lasso-balls and she managed to finish in over two minutes of time.

Lolu nearly overtook Miracle in the leader board but was just a few minutes over also, Alex finished the Arena games with a time just over two minutes of time.

Tobi looked promising in snatching the lead but fell just a few seconds below Miracle’s time, Khloe’s took time getting the lasso-balls to hang on the ladder as a result she finished inĀ over two minutes too.

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Rico Swavey was next and the way he jumped into the home mark was legendary

but still he couldn’t snatch the first place in the Big Brother game, Cee-C was the last housemate to take part in the games and she finished with over a minute.

Below is a summary of how the housemates performed at week ten PayPorte Arena Game;

  1. Nina: 02:17
  2. Miracle: 01:21
  3. Anto: 02:22
  4. Lolu: 01:29
  5. Alex: 02:13
  6. Tobi: 01:27
  7. Khloe: 02:42
  8. Rico Swavey: 01:55
  9. Cee-C: 01:40

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