Mercy awaits Strike or Disqualification after Destroying Biggie’s Phone with Gedoni

Mercy awaits Strike or Disqualification after Destroying Biggie’s Phone with Gedoni.

Big Brother Naija News earlier reported that Mercy had smashed Big Brother OPPO phone during the party in week 4 of the BBNaija 2019 TV game show.

Big Brother Naija house was heated up on Saturday night after a minor disagreement between Mercy and Gedoni resulted in the smashing of Big Brother’s mobile Phone.

Two phones were made available to #bbnaiaja housemates for contestants to take exciting pictures and make great videos of themselves.

This came after Diane was drunk during the party with DJ KAYWISE, and Mercy became protective of her as Gedoni was about to make a video of drunk Diane with Mercy.

Mercy got angry and told Gedoni that she would destroy the Phone if she gets it, then Gedoni gave the Phone to Mercy, and she quickly smashed the Phone on the floor.

Mercy blamed her tipsiness for being angered to have smashed the Phone on the floor after the party. Mercy might get strike or disqualification from Big Brother for the violent act in destroying Biggie’s property.

The atmosphere in the Big Brother Naija house consequently became tensed even as housemates dropped their individual opinions on the matter.

Mercy, while defending her action, claimed she was provoked into smashing the Phone.

She said, “I warned him not to do a video of Diane. I warned him and Ike, but you people dared me. My only regret is that I didn’t smash the Phone on his ugly face. Oh, my God. I know I’m going to get evicted. I know I f..cked up. I wish they would play the video, cause he provoked me. Gidoni is a woman. It’s only a woman that can do what he did.”

Gidoni, on the other hand, claimed he protected Diane more than her so-called friend, Mercy at the club.

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He said,” I took Diane to Jackie to keep an eye on her. Her so called friend was not even there. Why would she dare me? I also apologised to her. She asked me to give her the Phone that she was going to smash it and I handed it over to her. I’m ready to get even five strikes and leave the house if she dares me.”

As it stands, it’s unclear what Big Brother’s decision will be on Sunday as he takes issues of violence seriously. We can say Mercy awaits strike or disqualification with Gedoni.

Ike had threatened to beat up Gedoni and Khafi and get disqualified because of Mercy.

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