Mercy and Ike Relationship Breakup ends her in Tears

Mercy and Ike Relationship Breakup ends her in Tears.

BBNaija 2019 season 4 reality TV show, ‘Pepper Dem’ witnessed another controversy on Tuesday afternoon when Ike broke up with Mercy in week five of the show.

Mercy, who has been in a r0mantic relationship with Ike decided to ask him to choose between her and the grand prize of N60m Naira.

However, Ike, who seems to be all about the money, turned Mercy down as he picked N60m Naira over having a serious relationship with her.

This sent Mercy into an uncontrollable state as she burst into tears and moved her things away from Ike’s bedside.

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According to Mercy: “What will you pick between having a relationship with me and winning the grand prize (N60m)

Ike responded: “I will pick money over you, Mercy.”

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One thought on “Mercy and Ike Relationship Breakup ends her in Tears

  1. Afowora inside BigBrother House, when is Ike returning Esther’s missing coins? Or has that entered google? After all Mercy don confessed couple’s sin to the world after breakup.

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