Meet BBNaija BITTO Housemate 2018 | BITTO Lifestyle And Photo

Meet BBNaija BITTO Housemate 2018 | BITTO Lifestyle And Photo

Below is a simple write-up about BITTO BBNaija Housemate 2018 and her lifestyle.

Bitto – is a 26-year old on-air presenter from Calabar. His lowest moment was when he lost his mum. He would love to win so he can change his family’s perception of the entertainment industry.

The broadcasting travel bug is no stranger to the entertainment industry so we cant wait to see what he has up his sleeve. The Social Media and On-Air Personality won the United Purpose Nigeria 2017 Handwashing Campaign Ambassador contest.

The youngest of four siblings, he expects his family to be shocked but very supportive of him. He will miss Sylvia his best friend and girlfriend the most.

If he was an animal, Bitto says he would be a camel for there is no stroke that can break his back. Bitto’s hobbies include traveling, taking pictures, music and movies.

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