Maria, Pere survived Wild Card eviction in week 1 of BBNaija 2021

Maria, Pere survived Wild Card eviction in week 1 of BBNaija 2021.

The Big Brother Naija 2021 wild cards housemates, Maria and Pere survived eviction during the Sunday live eviction show, hosted by Ebuka.

The housemates voted for their individual predicted wild card’s housemates in the early hours of the Sunday before the eviction show.

According to the vote result, Jay Paul and Liquorose got the highest vote, which means Pere and Maria are safe and can play for the grand prize.

See how the voting went before the Sunday live eviction show with Biggie.

  1. White Money  Voted [Pere and Liquorose]
  2. Princess – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]
  3. Jay Paul – Voted [Emmanuel and Beatrice]
  4. Arin – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  5. Cross – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  6. Niyi – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  7. Angel – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  8. Saga – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  9. Tega – Voted [Emmanuel and Saskay]
  10. Emmanuel – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  11. Liquorose – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]
  12. Yerins – Voted [Yousef and Princess]
  13. Sammie – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]
  14. Jackie B – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]
  15. Saskay – Voted [Liquorose and Yerins]
  16. Pere – QUESS WHO VOTED HIM [White Money and Jay Paul]
  17. Nini – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]
  18. Yousef – Voted [Jay Paul and Beatrice]
  19. Beatrice – Voted [Jay Paul and Arin]
  20. Boma – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]
  21. Maria – QUESS WHO VOTED HIM [White Money and Jay Paul]
  22. Peace – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

Number of Votes for Predicted Housemates

  1. Jay Paul – 10 Votes
  2. Liquorose – 8 Votes
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Next week, according to Ebuka, the wild cards housemates, Maria and Pere will have nomination edge over the rest housemates.

Stay connected for Monday’s nomination live show to see the housemates up for eviction.

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