Liquorose, Beatrice fight dirty in Biggie’s house – FULL STOTY

Liquorose, Beatrice fight dirty in Biggie’s house – FULL STOTY.

The “Shine Ya Eye” housemates, Liquorose and Beatrice were Friday involved in a nasty fight over alleged gossip.

The mouthwatering drama started when Angel confronted Liquorose for giving her attitude in the house.

Liquorose said she was upset because Angel and Beatrice were talking about her relationship with Emmanuel and her stature and overheard them.

Angel had earlier told Beatrice that Emmanuel told her that he is just friends with Liquorose, a conversation Liquorose heard that got her angry before her attitude towards them.

However, Liquorose said the gossip got her angry because they would have confronted her instead of gossiping in her back.

But Beatrice said they did not say anything bad about her and accused her of also gossiping about others in the house.

This made Rose angry and she warned her to keep her name out of her mouth, but Beatrice maintained that she had right to say anything in Biggie’s house.

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According to Rose:

”Keep my name out of your mouth.”

Beatrice replied, “Do you know how many times you have spoken about me in this house? Have I ever confronted you?”

Liquorose was, therefore, urged to leave the room to avoid further alteration that might lead to fight and possible disqualification in the house.

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