Ike speaks on having S£x with Mercy in Biggie’s house

Ike speaks on having S£x with Mercy in Biggie’s house.

BBNaija gangster lover, Ike has cleared the air on having S£x with Mercy on Saturday night.

A viral video had emerged on Sunday morning showing both housemates under duvet making body movements, after the Saturday’s night party.

Some fans of the BBN suggested they were having S£x while others described it as just rom@nce and fun.

However, the BBNaija couple cleared the air on Sunday afternoon while they discussed the garden.

Ike said he almost had S£x with Mercy, but her pajamas and facial expression prevented him.

Ike to Mercy in the garden:

“I would have had S£x if it was someone else, you were the one calming me down, and I didn’t want to pressurize you.

“I told them this morning we were playing under the duvet that nothing happened if it was someone else something would have happened but this your pajamas saved you.

“ I did not want to pressurize you, in case you would give in and later regret. I just saw your facial expression and stopped.”

Mercy, on the other end, said she wore her Pajamas intentionally because of such situations in order not to have S£x.

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Mercy to Ike:

“When I was coming here I made sure I packed this kind of pajamas that you would have to open from up to down before you can do anything.

“Thank God I brought them and that’s what I’ll be wearing. You cannot put a hole in it.”

Both housemates with their discussion on Sunday cleared the air on the viral video which showed movements under the duvet that suggested they had S£x in Biggie’s house.

Meanwhile, the reigning BBNaija 2019 couple won N2m cash prize on Saturday after emerging winners of Munch its challenge.

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