“Husband Snatcher,” Beatrice slams Maria during Thursday’s night Reunion

“Husband Snatcher,” Beatrice slams Maria during Thursday’s night Reunion.

Big Brother Naija former 2021 housemate, Beatrice calls Maria Husband Snatcher in a heated argument during the Thursday night reunion show.

During the conversations involving Beatrice and Maria when Ebuka asked why the duo don’t get along like other housemates, it turns into a quarrel between Maria and Beatrice that almost resulted in fight.

Here is the heated conversations:

Beatrice: I don’t like Maria because she seems controlling and I don’t want anyone to control me. Like buckling her shoes, get water for her and all. The fact is I don’t like Maria.”

Maria: You don’t like me , you don’t like me, go deal with it. If you actually dislike me, maybe it’s insecurity.

Beatrice: i have different personalities don’t let me show you the other one, You’re not up to my left straight legs. Aside from your British accent, you’re sens3less and nothing.

Maria: You don’t understand English and that’s not my fault. yeah but one thing is, you don’t have morals, you lack proper upbringing. You don’t love yourself, you want to fïght on national tv and you are proud of your self, you have no morals

Beatrice: “Husband snatcher”

Maria: At least I have only been with one man since I left big brother, how many men have you slept with since we left the house.                                              

Maria: I feel like I’ve ïnsulted myself by talking to you!!!

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