How to Vote on the BB Appstore in Big Brother 20 Live Show (BB 20 Appstore)

How to Vote on the BB Appstore in Big Brother 20 Live Show (BB 20 Appstore).

BB 20 has caught up with his time, and his 20th season is about technology. Although, in fact, the decorations of the 80, 90 and 2000, outfits and themes of the contest (“The Web BB Surfing”) is a little nostalgic than before groundbreaking. And while home-based guests still can not connect to the outside world over the phone or the Internet, fans can use these tools to influence the game in-house. But how to vote for using BB apps in Big Brother is different from past seasons, so you’ll need to read carefully to make your opinion in this game.

First of all, the BB App Store is the turnaround this season. As Julie Chen explained at the premiere, fans can vote for their favorite and less favorite players every week. The guests of the house are the “most popular” (they also get the most votes) will get the BB App Store, which has the type of votes based powers and penalties it has.

For example, some of the positive questions audiences answered this week were, “What makes Houseguest more fun?” and “What’s the funniest house game?” Winners in these categories are likely to receive positive rewards. On the contrary, the people who cast the most votes for “What Houseguest lets you scream on TV?” and “What do you care about Houseguest the most?” He will probably receive penalties that hinder his game. Positive prizes include things like redraw, life premium, update, cloud, and identity theft. Penalties include: “Scream,” “Fake News,” “read it,” “hamazon,” and “junk mail.” We do not know what these powers are doing so far.

If you want to vote for your favorite players and fewer favorites, here’s how it works according to the CBS website:

Unlike previous years, you can not log in to to vote. Depending on the technology theme, fans this season can vote on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Kik.

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Just send a message to the CBS page on Twitter and Facebook. Go to the Kik Bot Shop in Kik and find CBS. In Skype, you can chat with the CBS Skype page. I recommend that you say “Start voting” on all your introductory messages, as this seems to trigger the robot’s response. From there you will receive a handful of questions about the guests at home.

Professional advice: You may want to vote outside peak times. For example, neither Twitter nor Facebook’s messaging service worked immediately after the show. I tried it on Facebook about seven hours later and it worked. It appears that the vote starts every Wednesday and ends at 9:00 on Thursday morning, although this may change depending on the departure date.

Viewers can vote 10 times. When I completed the five questions and confirmed each of my answers with the bot, I sent a total of 15 messages. It took three minutes (it’s an eternity in the internet time) and I have not done this process nine times. It would have been half an hour of my day, so I decided to copy my answers for my remaining votes (an option that needs to be confirmed nine times). It’s not quite as efficient as voting of seasons past, but it is interesting that the five questions seem to imply that the BB Appstore will reward or punish five players a week. That’s a lot of twists on the house, one that’s already turned one contestant into a robot.

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