How to Qualify to Win One Million in Big Brother Naija 2021

How to Qualify to Win One Million in Big Brother Naija 2021.

Multichoice is adding 30 Million Naira to their active subscribers on GOtv and DStv in Nigeria and only fans of BBNaija can also win the cash prize on fave lockdown. The Big Brother Naija 2021 can be called the million show as we are wowed with millions going out to the winner and 30 viewers/fans if the 2021 reality TV show in Nigeria.

You can be part of the Big Brother Naiaj (BBNaija) 2021 fans to win One Million Naira (N1,000,000) each from the 30,000,000 Naira for 30 Big Brother Naija 2021 fans as the reality show came with surprises of making 30 people millionaire after the show in the fave lock in.

To win is very simple; you must follow the basic terms and conditions and make sure you’re supporting a particular housemate that has the potential of winning the 2021 show.

How to Qualify to Win One Million in Big Brother Naija 2021

To qualify and be part of the One Million Naira (1,000,000) prize you must follow the simple steps to be part of fans to be made millionaire during the BBNaija reason 6 reality TV show in Nigeria.

  1. Download GOtv or DStv app from the play store or iOS.
  2. Lock in the BBNaija 2021 housemate that you’re supporting to win.
  3. You must be an active DStv or GOtv subscriber to qualify for the One Million Naira prize.
  4. You have to Lock in one housemate
  5. If the housemate you locked in wins the season 6 of the BBNaija reality TV show, you stand in chance to be one of the 30 fans to win one Million Naira each.

Other prizes will also be announced by the management as the show continues to thrill audience with drama and more from the 2021 BBNaija housemates.

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CoronaVirus Related Questions and Answers on BBNaija 2021

Some fans have been on the internet asking and wanting to know the possibilities of hosting the reality TV show in the time of this pandemic hitting the globe with high rate of death on a daily basis, we have found answers to the frequently asked question about BBNaija in the face of COVID-19.

Is BBNaija season 6 actually happening?

Yes. BBNaija season 6 started premiering July 2020. Every preventive measure is being considered to put the show to run despite the covid-19 pandemic.

Given fears around COVID-19, how was auditions done?

Auditions for this season’s Big Brother Naija was held completely online, and there was no need for provision for physical gatherings.

Why is MultiChoice staging the 6th season of BBNaija considering the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many Nigerians are at home due to the restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our decision to stage the fifth edition of BBNaija is borne out of the need to provide compelling content that would get them entertained and at the same time, help achieve Government’s objective of social distancing to help curb the spread of the virus.

BBNaija ranks as the most viewed non-sporting event on African television and regarded as one of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment exports outside of Nollywood. We are optimistic that this show will fulfil this need even as we guarantee that global best practices, precautions and preventative measures will be followed throughout the season.

 What measures have been put in place to ensure that this season adheres to the guidelines of the NCDC?

Managing the concerns and safety of the housemates and production crew is vital. The Big Brother format follows end-to-end production best practices and with the prevailing COVID-19, we have developed a COVID-19 preparedness action plan, and will implement the necessary safety measures, including but not limited to:

  • All shortlisted Housemates were tested and placed in quarantine for 14 days, and only those that were-cleared has been permitted to enter the house.
  • No guests will be allowed to enter the BBNaija house or have physical contact with housemates and the number of “ninjas” will also be reduced.
  • All audiences for live shows and evictions have been cancelled, and the presenter will host the Sunday Live Eviction Shows in an empty studio, crossing live into the Big Brother House.
  • Establish a committee to coordinate all COVID-19 matters.
  • A dedicated crewmember assigned to each workspace/department will be responsible for ensuring COVID compliance of the production
  • Psychologists and Medical Dr. on standby to support housemates and crew
  • Solicit partnership with authorities | Government bodies to drive messaging via the BBN platform
  • Compulsory daily temperature checks for all production crew and guests to the House.
  • Provide handwashing facilities and or alcohol-based sanitizers at all entry points for use by the production crew.
  • Make arrangement for the transportation of production crew to the House to minimise the risk of infection.
  • Encourage non-essential members of the production crew to work remotely, maintain only essential skeletal crew on set and ensure that production crew members who physically work in the House run shifts.
  • Ensure that the physical distancing guideline of 2 metres is maintained by the production crew working in the House.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the House and production facilities especially commonly used surfaces/objects.
  • All staff entering house with supplies must wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers
  • Strict observance of the daily curfew imposed by the government.

All measures are put in place to help control the spread of the coronavirus in the Big Brother house.

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