How to Predict Winner of BBNaija 2022 to Win One Million Naira

How to Predict Winner of BBNaija 2022 to Win One Million Naira.

Can Choose the Winner in BBNaija 2022 and Win 1 Million Naira on GOtv & DStv App as an active subscriber.

You can be part of the Big Brother Naija 2022 fans to win One Million Naira (N1,000,000) each from the 30,000,000 Naira for 30 Big Brother Naija 2022 Level up fans as the reality show came with surprises of making 30 people millionaire after the show in the fave lock in game.

Multichoice is adding 30 Million Naira (N30,000,000) to their active subscribers on GOtv and DStv in Nigeria and only fans of BBNaija can also win the cash prize on fave lock-in. The Big Brother Naija 2022 can be called the million show as we are wowed with millions going out to the winner and 30 viewers/fans if the 2022 BBN Level Up TV show in Nigeria.

BBN Season 7 Housemates

S/N Name Age of Entry BBN Status
1 Groovy 26 Active
2 Doyin 26 Active
3 Sheggzz 26 Active
4 Diana 33 Active
5 Chichi 22 Active
6 Amaka 23 Active
7 Hermes 28 Active
8 Daniella 22 Active
9 Chomzy 22 Active
10 Phyna 25 Active
11 Bryann 24 Active
12 Giddyfia 24 Active
13 Adekunle 27 Active
14 Allysyn 25 Active
15 Dotun 26 Active
16 Bella 25 Active
17 Eloswag 27 Active
18 Kess 28 Evicted
19 Christy O. 24 Evicted
20 Pharmsavi 25 Evicted
21 Cyph 23 Evicted
22 Ilebaye 21 Evicted
23 Khalid 22 Evicted
24 Beauty 24 Disqualified
25 Modella 23 Fake
26 Deji 29 Fake
27 Rachel 27 Rider
28 Chizzy 25 Rider

To win is very simple; you must follow the basic terms and conditions and make sure you’re supporting a particular housemate that has the potential of winning the 2022 show.

How to Choose Winner in BBNaija 2022 to Win 1 Million Naira

To qualify and be part of the One Million Naira (1,000,000) prize you must follow the simple steps in the BBNaija season 7 reality TV show in Nigeria.

  1. Download GOtv or DStv app from the play store or iOS.
  2. Lock in the BBNaija 2022 housemate that you’re supporting to win.
  3. You must be an active DStv or GOtv subscriber to qualify for the One Million Naira prize.
  4. You have to Lock in one housemate in the specific time given by the organizers.

If the housemate you locked in wins the season 7 of the Big Brother Naija 2022 reality TV show, you stand in chance to be one of the 30 fans to win one Million Naira each.

Other prizes will also be announced by the management as the show continues to thrill audience with drama and more from the 2022 BBNaija housemates.

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