How to Activate Channel 198 on DStv to Watch Ultimate Love 2020

How to Activate Channel 198 on DStv to Watch Ultimate Love 2020.

The solution you’ve been searching for to assist you with the question on how to activate channel 198 on DStv for you to start watching the Ultimate Love live reality TV show in 2020 and beyond.

Note that there was no change from the previous season of the DStv channel 198. The channel to tune in remain channel 198 for your viewing pleasure in the new season of Ultimate Love Nigeria.

The most anticipated Ultimate Love 2020 television show is back, and lots of fans of the show in Nigeria and other Africa countries been curious to watch the live reality television show on their DStv channel.

As some people have started watching the Ultimate Love 2020 live reality show, the host has reiterated that there was no change from the previous reality channel 198 as we are continually receiving lots of questions on how to activate Ultimate Love channel on DStv.

How to Activate Channel 198 on DStv to Watch Ultimate Love 2020

To activate the Ultimate Love channel on DStv, you must subscribe to DStv and simple tune to Channel 198 to start enjoying the live intriguing reality show.

Again, If you have got DStv in your home, the channel to tune in is Channel 198 to watch the Ultimate Love 2020 live reality TV show. Make sure your DStv is activated, and you are subscribed to DStv Compact or DStv Premium to be able to view the Ultimate Love 2020 show on DStv channel 198, and you won’t ask again on how to watch Big Brother Nigeria 2020 on DStv.

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Ultimate Love Channel in Other Africa Countries

So, if you’re in South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Uganda and if you’re in other parts of the world make sure you are locked down to the DStv Ultimate Love Channel 198 to avoid the questions on how to watch Ultimate Love in my Country. You can also follow our live stream to get all the latest happening in the Ultimate Love house.

Time for Ultimate Love Show Today in Africa Countries

The time for Ultimate Love show today starts at 7:30 pm (WAT) every Sunday on the dot. The host of the Naija Love reality TV show will be on stage to welcome all housemates to the reality TV show.

Housemates for Ultimate Love 2020 Show

The ultimate love reality TV show will feature 16 housemates, which included eight males and eight females as they are set to find love, in reality, Naija show.

Housemates will be paired after two weeks of stay in the house together and getting to know themselves better. The best pair with the viewer’s votes will win the ultimate price for the show at the end of 8 weeks.

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