How Kiddwaya saved Wathoni from Eviction in Week 5

How Kiddwaya saved Wathoni from Eviction in Week 5.

Big Brother revealed how Kiddwaya saved Wathoni from eviction on Sunday in week 5 in a vote tie-breaker between Wathoni and Praise.

Recall that we had reported that Praise was voted out of the show after scoring the least votes.

Praise was also not saved by the fans of the show as it was revealed he had the least votes.

Four housemates; TrickyTee, Wathon, Vee and Praise had the least votes this week.

Recall that this was how housemates voted.

  1. Brighto -Praise and Trickytee
  2. Dorathy -Vee and Trickytee
  3. Erica – Wathoni and Vee
  4. Kiddwaya – Vee and Praise
  5. Laycon – Wathoni and Trickytee
  6. Neo – Wathoni and Praise
  7. Nengi – Wathoni and Praise
  8. Ozo – Praise and Trickytee
  9. Tolanibaj – Vee and Praise
  10. Prince- Wathoni and Vee
  11. Lucy – Wathoni and Trickytee
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After housemates voted, Wathoni and Praise had 6 votes each, after which Biggie called on the Head of House, Kiddwaya to evict one of them.

Kiddwaya picked Praise to be evicted from the show.

This means Praise had 7, Wathoni has 6, Trickytee had 5 votes and Vee had 5 votes.

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