Couples Nominated for Eviction in Week 4 on Ultimate Love

Couples Nominated for Eviction in Week 4 on Ultimate Love.

The nomination process has been published below. Couples with the highest number of votes will remain in the ultimate love show, while those with the least amount of votes from voters will be eliminated from the show. The show will run for eight weeks, and during this period, viewers will vote for their favourite housemate (couple) weekly.

After the fourth week of the show, here are the love guests (couple) that have been nominated for possible eviction (check out) from the reality TV show. In the Ultimate Love Nigeria Show, Viewers are required to vote for their favourite love guest (couple) to avoid potential elimination.

Nomination Process in Week 4 Ultimate Love Show

  1. Jay and Nkechi (JAYKECH) – Nominated – JERITON & JELO
  2. Jerry and Meriton (JERVIA) – Nominated – JAYKESH & ROSKIE
  3. Kachi and Rosie (ROKSIE) – Nominated – JERITON & CHIVIA
  4. Chris Ville and Chris (DOUBLECHRIS) – Nominated – JERITON & OBIEBI
  5. Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia (CHIVIA) – Nominated – JAYKESH & DOUBLECHRIS
  6. Arnold and Bolanle (BOLAR) – Nominated – OBIEBI & CHIVIA
  7. Iyke and Theresa (IYKERESA) – Nominated – JERITON & JELO
  8. David Wilson and Presh Talker (PRESHDAVID) – Nominated – ROKSIE & BOLAR
  9. Loius and Jenny Koko (JELO) – Nominated – OBIEBI & ROKSIE
  10. Obichukwu and Ebiteinye (OBIEBI) – Nominated –JELO & BOLAR

Result for Ultimate Love Nomination Week Four (4)

Full list of Ultimate Love housemates nominated for possible eviction for week four (4) of the reality show with the number of nominations from fellow couples in the show.

  • JERITON – Nominated 4 Times
  • OBIEBI – Nominated 3 Times
  • ROKSIE – Nominated 3 Times
  • JELO – Nominated 3 Times
  • CHIVIA – Nominated 2 Times
  • JAYKESH – Nominated 2 Times
  • BOLAR – Nominated 2 Times
  • DOUBLECHRIS – Nominated 1 Time
  • IYKERESA – Nominated 0 Time
  • PRESHDAVID – Nominated 0 Time

Ultimate Love Couples Up for Eviction in Week 5


Complete Names of Ultimate Love Couple Left in the Love Pad

  1. BOLAR
  4. JELO
  10. CHIVIA

How to Register and Vote in Week 5 for Ultimate Love Housemates

I will be showing you how you can register in the ultimate love website so that you can participate in the online voting process for ultimate love couples. Here is the procedure to register in the ultimate love website.

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The following steps are how to register in Ultimate Love Website @

  1. Go to the ultimate love website @
  2. At the top left corner of the site, click on the vote
  3. Click on Register in the right top edge of the website
  4. Fill in your details and cross-check if all details are entered correctly
  5. Click on Register
  6. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number you entered while registering
  7. Click verify to complete your registration.

Step 8: Click on COUPLE NAME for the number of time you desire before it reaches its maximum vote counts.

Note: Ultimate love voting will commence every Tuesday of the week.

With the above few steps, you can vote for Presh Talker and Iyke (Iykeresa) ultimate love couple win the reality love show in Nigeria.

SMS Voting for Ultimate Love Couple

Voting via SMS is very simple and easy to perform with your cell phone; all you need to know is the SMS code for voting housemates.

To vote Love guest via SMS, you have to send the name COUPLE NAME to 32052

Example: VOTE BABYBOY to 32052.

Please Note: Voting through SMS for your favourite love couple doesn’t require internet, it only requires airtime to be able to perform multiple voting up to 100 times per SIM Card.

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