Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Audition Result for Season 7

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Audition Result for Season 7.

Lots of the auditioned aspiring housemates through the online video upload are curious and on the search to know the list of the successful Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates for the reality TV show.

It was learnt that the audition for the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 7 ended on May 30, 2022 which involves citizens of the Nigeria with valid ID card and up to the age to be part of the reality TV show.

First and foremost note that the list won’t be released for everyone to see. The Big Brother Naija show has always been full of suspense as the qualified housemates will be unveiled on the day of launching the reality TV show for 2022.

What you should be conversant with is, when Big Brother (Biggie) is satisfied with your intro through the audition video you’ve submitted, you will be contacted through your Email and Phone Number provided for you to go for the Physical verification and further screening to be part of the reality show for season 7.

Please note that when you’re contacted that doesn’t mean that you’ve made it to the house, but there’s 90% possibility of making it to the house to be part of the life changing opportunity as a reality star.

Those that would be successful to be part of the reality show would be quarantined for a period of 21 days or more due to COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that all housemates going for the show are free from the deadly Coronavirus. Since there is vaccine for the COVID, housemates could be vaccinated to be safe and start the show without quarantining anyone before going into the house to be part of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show season 6.

So, waiting for the list to be published online is a total waste of time, you can BOOKMARK this page to be the first to get latest news and update and also important tips on physical screening for the 2021 BBNaija reality TV show.

Frequently Asked Questions about BBNaija 2022

Here are the most important frequently asked questions about the Big Brother Naija reality show in Nigeria by fans globally.

What will the Winner of BBNaija 2022 Get?

The winner of the Big Brother Naija TV show will get a cash prize, as usual, a car, house appliances, and other prizes worth N100,000,000 from the sponsors of the reality television show.

The Role of Head of House in BBNaija Show

The head of house (HOH) is the housemate in charge of Biggie’s house affairs. He/she does take care of activities in the Big Brother’s house. Instructions from Big Brother to housemates go directly to the head of house before getting across to other housemates in the reality show. In most cases, the head of house stays up to a week on the thrown, if impeachment or any other twist doesn’t come up from Biggie.

The head of house challenges usually takes place every Monday before the nomination show begins, and the winner of the challenge becomes the head of house and automatically gets saved from nomination by fellow housemates during that week of ascending the thrown of the head of house.

The head of house has the power to save and replace a nominated housemate if and only if the Veto Power game of chance is not involved in the reality show.

The head of house has a special seat in Big Brother’s house when delivering messages from Biggie to other housemates in the reality TV show.

The head of house also has a luxurious private room in Biggie’s house, and he or she has the sole right to choose any of the housemates to live in the room with then for one week before the new head of house emerges.

About BBNaija Veto Power Game of Chance

The BBNaija may have a Veto Power to save and replace a nominated housemate from possible eviction in the reality TV show. The Veto Power game of chance, as the name implies, is a game of luck for all housemates. It gives the winner the power to save and replace any nominated housemate, including himself or herself, from possible eviction. If the winner of the Veto Power cannot save and replace within the short time given by Biggie, he or she will be up for possible eviction.

The Veto Power cardholder only works immediately after the nomination process. The Veto Power holder may not and doesn’t have the power to put the Head of House on the nomination list for possible eviction from the reality show.

How can I watch the BBNaija 2022 Show?

The Big Brother Nigeria show is Live on DSTV channel 198 and GOTV channel 29. Stay subscribed to enjoy the 24/7 entertainment from the BBN housemates as they give reasons to stay glued to your TV screen.

You can also join various online streams to watch the reality TV show and follow up with the latest news and gist as it unfolds from our news channel.

Where is the Location of Big Brother Naija 2022?

The location of the BBNaija house is in the busiest city in Africa, which is Lagos. The BBNaija house for the housemates is located somewhere in Lagos Island, Nigeria. Housemates got to stay in for the period of the reality TV show.

The BBNaija house is well furnished with modern-day home with comfort and proper home fittings. The Big Brother house has rooms and apartments for comfortable living by housemates during their stay in the house.

The house has a Lounge, a kitchen with cooking facilities, very spacious dining, with ample sleeping room for housemates, a dressing closet, the head of house luxurious room, an extension outside with garden and a Jacuzzi wide enough for eight (8) persons, a party hall for housemates and the Dairy room where housemates get to be in touch with Biggie.

Who is Biggie in BBNaija Show?

Biggie, also known as Big Brother, controls the housemates’ affairs in the reality TV shows and takes charge completely as Big Brother to all housemates equally with fairness amongst housemates. Biggie is not seen as the voice can be heard loudly in any part of the house. Biggie’s voice is unique and always comes when instructions are needed to be sent across to housemates.

Big Brother is in charge during the nomination process of housemates, and call out names of housemates up for eviction after the nomination process in his house. He controls the Arena Game and acts as the real Big Brother during the dairy session with housemates in the house.

Big Brother (Biggie) takes care of the whole affair of the reality TV show, apart from hosting the live shows every Sunday.

The Nomination of Housemates in BBNaija TV Show

Nomination normally comes up every Monday, after the Sunday night eviction of housemates from the reality show. The nomination is usually done secretly with Biggie in the Dairy room.

Every housemate, including the head of the house, has to nominate two of their fellow housemates for possible eviction from the reality show. After the nomination is done, Biggie has to summon all housemates in the lounge to announce the names of housemates with the highest numbers of nominations and the Head of House (HoH) or the Veto Power card winner have minimal time to save and replace one nominated housemate with another or he/she has to be up for possible eviction from the reality show.

Big Brother Naija Eviction of Housemate

Eviction is the elimination of housemate(s) to reduce the number of players in attaining the winner of the reality TV show. Housemates have to leave the show for someone to win the ultimate prize. Eviction comes after the voting of the nominated housemates, and the housemate with the least votes from viewers gets evicted from the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show.

Housemates’ eviction comes up every Sunday during the live show; with tension build-up in the house, one or more nominated housemates with the least votes has to leave the show.

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Sometimes, housemates may be evicted with a game challenge if Biggie has to bring in a new twist to keep viewers entertained; also, housemates may be evicted even before the live show and flair up tension in the house.

On the final day of the BBNaija reality show, the remaining finalist has to be evicted until two housemates with the highest votes from viewers have to be up on the stage with the host, and the winner of the season will be announced.

Dairy Session with Big Brother (Biggie)

The dairy session is one of the most exciting parts of the Big Brother Naija reality show, as housemates get to air their minds to Biggie about the general mood in the house. The diary session being an integral part of the BBN reality show, sometimes done ones or twice weekly, depending on Biggie’s decisions.

Housemates are expected to be very expressive with Biggie during the dairy session, being the only opportunity they have to speak with Biggie. Many viewers of the reality show see the diary session as the most crucial part where some housemates get to express their deep emotions with tears, past life, future intentions, and true self. Some other housemates get to be very funny during their dairy session as they are the livewire of the diary room with Biggie.

Arena Game in Big Brother Naija

The arena game in BBNaija is game time that is typically done every Friday in Big Brother’s house. This allows housemates to compete in a challenging and tough game with a stipulated time to finish the arena game.

The arena can be challenging and tasking that only a few housemates will be able to complete the challenge in no time. The housemate with the least finishing time after completing the arena game is announced as the winner by Big Brother after every housemate must have completed their task in the arena game.

BBNaija Housemates Party Weekly

The Big Brother Naija party comes up every Saturday night in Biggie’s party hall as all housemates will have a chance to party amongst themselves with live DJ dishing out some hit tracks from Naija musicians and beyond. Brewery Company always sponsors the party in Nigeria as housemates get to have access to lots of assorted drinks and cocktails during the party.

Sunday Live/Eviction Show in BBNaija

Every Sunday is the live show in BBNaija with live music from Naija Artiste and possible eviction. The Sunday live shows comes typically up every 7 pm (WAT) as the host of the reality show gets to take the stage with lots of energy from the crowd in the live show and housemates up for possible eviction has to dress up with their luggage’s expecting the unexpected from the host of the Big Brother Naija reality show.

Before the live eviction show, male housemates up for eviction get a neat haircut, and the female housemates get their hair dressed too as anyone could see the exit door from the live reality show. The Sunday live eviction show is one of the best parts of the BBN reality TV show as the tension build-up in Biggie’s house is so high that fans have a fair share of the pressure.

BB Naira for BBNaija Housemates

Sometimes BB Naira comes to play in the reality show as housemates are expected to gather some BB Naira for shopping and to save themselves from possible nomination in the Big Brother Naija reality show.

BB Naira can be gathered from task winning, arena game-winning, winning head of house, winning veto power game of chance, and can be gotten from the house when placed in strategic places in the house.

The BB Naira can buy movie time in the Big Brother’s house, special food from outside the Big Brother’s house, a Phone call from family, and immunity from nomination.

BBNaija Social Media Page (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

Twitter: Follow our official Twitter account @BBNaija and share your moments and comments with Biggie using the #BBNaija.

Facebook : Like official BBNaija page and do not miss an instant of Biggie’s House thrills.

Instagram: Follow BBNaija Instagram account @BigBroNaija and comment using #BBNaija.

How to Make My Comment Show on TV Screen

To make your comment show on the screen, always use the #BBNaija after comment on all Big Brother Naija social media platforms, then you will see your comment rolling live on the BBNaija Television screen.

DStv and GOtv Social Media Accounts

You can also follow verified social media accounts of DStv, GOtv and AfricaMagic as follows;

 Twitter: @DStvNg @GOtvNg @AfricaMagicTV

Instagram: @DStvNigeria @GOtvNg @AfricaMagic

Can I Opt-out if I am not Interested in watching the show?

Subscribers will have the option to opt-out as they always have. The specific opt-out sequence will be communicated in due course.

DStv SMS (Opt-Out)

Text Smartcard Number + BBOUT to 30333 to opt-out.

GOtv SMS (Opt-Out)

Text IUC Number + BBOUT to 4688 to opt-out

On which packages will Big Brother Naija be available on DStv or GOtv?

Big Brother Naija will be available to subscribers on all DStv packages and only to subscribers on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus packages

Will I be able to Watch Big Brother Naija on GOtv Value/Lite?

No. The 24-hour channel will only be available to GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli subscribers.

How many Hours a Day will the Big Brother Naija Channel Broadcast?

The channels will broadcast 24 hours a day for 14 weeks

What Should I do if I want to Watch Big Brother Naija?

To watch Big Brother Naija, you need to be a DStv of GOtv customer. If you’re not, please visit or or contact your nearest MultiChoice office or branch and subscribe to DStv or GOtv Max or Plus (where available). Big Brother Naija channel will only be available to DStv subscribers on all packages as well as on the GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli package (where available) in Africa.

Will the Show be Available on DStv Now?

Yes. The BBNaija channel will be available on DStv Now. Download the DStv Now App on the App Store and Google Play store. Make sure you have an active subscription to stream live content

Can I watch the Daily Highlights on DStv Catch Up?

Yes. The daily highlights and eviction shows will be available on Catch Up and open to active Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact subscribers.

Will I be able to Watch the Show on YouTube?

The opening show of BBNaija S4 will be uploaded on Africa Magic’s YouTube channel on Monday, July 1. It will be available to more BBNaija fans to enjoy a taste of the excitement for one month!

Fans will also catch other exclusive content all season long on the channel, such as daily highlight moments twice a week, interviews with music artistes, and the evictees after the Sunday eviction shows.

Did you have to be a DStv/GOtv subscriber to enter Big Brother Naija?

No, you do not need to be a current DStv/GOtv subscriber to enter Big Brother Naija.

Did You need any Special Qualifications to enter Big Brother Naija?

No, you do not need any special qualifications to audition for Big Brother Naija.

If I want to Comment about Big Brother Naija, where can I do this?

Our social community pages are ready for you. Send your messages to TV, read the daily stories, watch videos of the House and the Housemates on, or on the official website

Stay on the website for more update and all gist coming from Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

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