Big Brother Naija 2021 Starting Date

Big Brother Naija 2021 Starting Date

Big Brother Naija season 6 2021 officially returns to our TV screen July 19, 2021. Stay connected and be the first to get the latest updates and exciting news from the new season of the BBNaija 2021 reality TV show.

According to the organisers, the show will start on July 19, 2021, as announced on various social media pages

Since the organisers have now announced the starting date for the 2021 edition of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), show to be Sunday, July 19, 2021. The housemates for the show are currently in quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic which has become a global issue.

The 2021 BBNaija show, will set to have many rules changed due to the coronavirus pandemic to housemates safe during the season 6 of the reality TV show in Nigeria.

Big Brother Naija 2020 Starting Date is July 19, 2020

Time for the Big Brother Naija Starting/Launching Show 2021

The Big Brother Naija 2021 will be aired on the DStv and GOtv live on channel 198 and 29 respectively and the time is 7:00 pm (WAT).

Ebuka will be on isolated stage to welcome housemates to the reality TV show 2021 as the show will not be the same as before with the audience due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Who Will Host BBNaija 2021 Show?

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is the host, a former housemate in Big Brother Nigeria show back in 2006 and host of the last three seasons of BBNaija – See Gobbe, Double Wahala and Pepper Dem Gang will return as this season’s host. Ebuka has risen to become one of the most loved and admired media personalities in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Besides being the host of BBNaija, he is also the host of the long-running talk show, Rubbin’ Minds on Channels TV as well as a co-host of The Men’s Corner on Ebonylife Television. He is also well-known for his impeccable style that has kept social media tongues wagging, and this edition will delight his fans with his astute fashion choices which will be showcased for 13 weeks!

Channel to Watch BBNaija 2021 on DStv and GOtv.

Big Brother Nigeria 2021 will air live on channel 198 on DStv and channel 29 on GOtv (Channel 129 in Ghana and Channel 329 in Uganda).

Highlights will also be available on the website. The live Sunday eviction show will be broadcast weekly at 19:00 Nigerian Time/ 20:00 Central African Time on:

  • Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Channel 151)
  • Africa Magic Urban (DStv Channel 153)
  • Africa Magic Family (DStv Channel 154 and GOtv channel 2)

Questions has been raised concerning the selection process of the housemates in the reality TV show.

Questions and Answers about Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021

1. Is BBNaija season 6 happening?

Yes. BBNaija season 6 will premiere July 2020. More information about this will be communicated in the coming weeks.

2. Given fears around COVID-19, how will auditions be managed considering social distancing restrictions?

Auditions for this season’s Big Brother Naija will hold completely online, and there will be no need or provision for physical gatherings.

3. When will the auditions start and how long will they be for?

Auditions for BBNaija season 5 will open Wednesday, May 20 running and close Saturday, May 30.

4. Who can audition for BBNaija season 5?

Interested male and female participants who are of Nigerian nationality with a valid Nigerian passport and must be 21 years of age by June 1, 2020.

5. How can interested participants audition?

Potential contestants are expected to record a two-minute video of themselves stating why they should be picked to be a Housemate in season 5 of Big Brother Naija. Following this, they are to log on to to fill out the online registration form and upload their videos.

6. Will participants need to pay for the auditions?

No. The online audition is free and open. Individual data charges will however apply.

7. Will the final housemates be selected after the online auditions?

No. Entries received will be screened for eligibility and suitability following which successful applications will be further screened. The final shortlist will be selected with one-on-one screenings where our standard psych evaluations and interviews will be organized in a controlled and sanitized environment where social distancing will be observed.

8. With auditions moving online and an absence of physical verification, how do you ensure the quality of housemates matches or even surpasses that of previous seasons?

The same rules apply for any type of Big Brother audition, and our selectors will apply the same experience from the previous seasons. We will always follow the same guidelines in terms of selecting housemates based on character and personality amongst other things.

9. Why is MultiChoice staging the 5th season of BBNaija considering the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many Nigerians are at home due to the restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our decision to stage the fifth edition of BBNaija is borne out of the need to provide compelling content that would get them entertained and at the same time, help achieve Government’s objective of social distancing to help curb the spread of the virus.

BBNaija ranks as the most viewed non-sporting event on African television and regarded as one of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment exports outside of Nollywood. We are optimistic that this show will fulfil this need even as we guarantee that global best practices, precautions and preventative measures will be followed throughout the season.

10. What measures have been put in place to ensure that this season adheres to the guidelines of the NCDC?

Managing the concerns and safety of the housemates and production crew is vital. The Big Brother format follows end-to-end production best practices and with the prevailing COVID-19, we have developed a COVID-19 preparedness action plan, and will implement the necessary safety measures, including but not limited to:

  • All shortlisted Housemates will be tested and placed in quarantine for 14 days, and only when the all-clear has been given will they be permitted to enter the house.
  • No guests will be allowed to enter the BBNaija house or have physical contact with housemates and the number of “ninjas” will also be reduced.
  • All audiences for live shows and evictions have been cancelled, and the presenter will host the Sunday Live Eviction Shows in an empty studio, crossing live into the Big Brother House.
  • Establish a committee to coordinate all COVID-19 matters.
  • A dedicated crewmember assigned to each workspace/department will be responsible for ensuring COVID compliance of the production
  • Psychologists and Medical Dr. on standby to support housemates and crew
  • Solicit partnership with authorities | Government bodies to drive messaging via the BBN platform
  • Compulsory daily temperature checks for all production crew and guests to the House.
  • Provide handwashing facilities and or alcohol-based sanitizers at all entry points for use by the production crew.
  • Make arrangement for the transportation of production crew to the House to minimise the risk of infection.
  • Encourage non-essential members of the production crew to work remotely, maintain only essential skeletal crew on set and ensure that production crew members who physically work in the House run shifts.
  • Ensure that the physical distancing guideline of 2 metres is maintained by the production crew working in the House.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the House and production facilities especially commonly used surfaces/objects.
  • All staff entering house with supplies must wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers
  • Strict observance of the daily curfew imposed by the government.

What will the Winner of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021 Get?

The winner of the Big Brother Naija 2020 reality TV show will get a cash prize, as usual, a car, house appliances, and other prizes from the sponsors of the reality television show.

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The Role of Head of House in Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021 Show

The head of house (HOH) is the housemate in charge of the affairs of Biggie’s house. He/she does take care of activities in the Big Brother’s house. Instructions from Big Brother to housemates go directly to the head of house before getting across to other housemates in the reality show. In most cases, the head of house stays up to a week on the thrown, if impeachment of any other twist doesn’t come up from Biggie.

The head of house challenges normally takes place every Monday before the nomination show begins. The winner of the challenger becomes the head of the house and automatically gets saved from nomination by fellow housemates during that week of ascending the thrown of the head of the house.

The head of the house also has the power to save and replace a nominated housemate if and only if the Veto Power game of chance is not involved in the reality show.

The head of the house has a special seat in Big Brother’s house when delivering messages from Biggie to other housemates in the reality TV show.

The head of house also has a luxurious private room in Biggie’s house, and he or she has the sole right to choose any of the housemates to live in the room with then for a period of one week before the new head of house emerges.

About BBNaija 2021 Veto Power Game of Chance

The BBNaija may have a Veto Power to save and replace a nominated housemate from possible eviction in the reality TV show. The Veto Power game of chance, as the name implies, is a game of chance for all housemates and gives the winner the power to save and replace any nominated housemate, including himself or herself, from possible eviction. If the winner of the Veto Power cannot save and replace within the short time given by Biggie, he or she will be up for possible eviction.

The Veto Power cardholder only works immediately after the nomination process. The Veto Power holder may not and doesn’t have the power to put the Head of House on the nomination list for possible eviction from the reality show.

How can I watch the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021 Show?

The Big Brother Nigeria show is Live on DSTV channel 198 and GOTV channel 29. Stay subscribed to enjoy the 24/7 entertainment from the BBN housemates as they give reasons to stay glued to your TV screen.

You can also join various online streams to watch the reality TV show and follow up with the latest news and gist as it unfolds from our news channel.

The Location of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021?

The location of the BBNaija house is in the busiest city in Africa, which is Lagos. The BBNaija house for the housemates is located somewhere in Lagos Island, Nigeria. Housemates got to stay in for the period of the reality TV show.

The BBNaija house is well furnished with modern-day home with comfort and proper home fittings. The Big Brother house has different rooms and apartments for comfortable living by housemates during their stay in the house.

The house has a Lounge, a kitchen with cooking facilities, very spacious dining, with large sleeping room for a housemate, a dressing closet, the head of house luxurious room, an extension outside with garden and a Jacuzzi wide enough for eight (8) persons, a party hall for housemates and the Dairy room where housemates get to be in touch with Biggie.

Who is Big Brother (Biggie) in BBNaija 2021 Show?

Biggie, also known as Big Brother, controls the affairs of the housemates in the reality TV show and takes charge completely as Big Brother to all housemates equally with fairness amongst housemates. Biggie is not seen as the voice can be heard loudly in any part of the house. Biggie’s voice is unique and always comes when instructions are needed to be sent across to housemates.

Big Brother is in charge during the nomination process of housemates, and call out names of housemates up for eviction after the nomination process in his house. He also controls the Arena Game and acts as the real Big Brother during the dairy session with housemates in the house.

Big Brother (Biggie) takes care of the whole affair of the reality TV show, apart from hosting the live shows every Sunday.

On which packages will Big Brother Naija be available on DStv or GOtv?

Big Brother Naija will be available to subscribers on all DStv packages and only to subscribers on GOtv Max and Plus package.

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