Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Voting Poll

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Voting Poll.

Here is a breakdown of how the live nomination went and names of housemates up for eviction this week.

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Nomination List

It was nomination as usual, as all housemates went into the diary room to nominate two fellow housemates for possible eviction in week 10 of the reality show.



Bbnaija Housemates up for Eviction This Week

Note that Khafi who’s this week’s Head of House automatically means she’s immune to nominations while Ike, the Veto Power Holder saved Omashola and replaced her with Cindy

The final six BBNaija housemates up for eviction this week are Tacha, Venita, Cindy, Frodd, Esther, and Sir Dee. Vote for your favourite housemates below

How to Vote for Your Favorite Bbnaija 2019 Housemate

Big Brother Naija Week 10 Voting Results. So who are you going to be voting for in this week’s poll, Is it going to be Tacha, Venita, Cindy, Frodd, Esther, and Sir Dee..

Big Brother Naija Voting Poll Result

You’ll see the result once you’ve voted below. Don’t forget to also share and encourage others to vote for your favourite housemates

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How to Vote Multiple Times

REFRESH PAGE TO VOTE MORE: You can vote as many times as you want, all you just have to do is refresh this page.

44 thoughts on “Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Voting Poll

  1. What is Mike’s purpose in that house, all he do is walk around like a ghost, eat and sleep. Go back to UK, nothing you do is good!!

  2. Pls my people, team Frood all over the world, Pls let come out together and shame our haters once again…our boy Frood is up for Eviction again for week 10….We have been voting for him ,we can do it again,we won’t get tired of voting for FROOD…Igbo bu Igbo nmanmanu ooo…. Chukwu okike gozie unu dibeanyi ….Biko bianu kanyi tuyere Nwanne anyi Frood akwukwo ….Oga adiri anyi nine nma ooooo..yagazie

  3. Tacha’s heart is beautiful,which of the housemates has ever been these genuinely sorry for their actions,my dear soar high like an eagle that you are. Tacharistics of a winner……

  4. Frodd all the way, My blood is FRODDULENT. I have HP Vote for Frodd. I have already delivered over 500 votes for him. I am going to make it 5k votes before Thursday night.

    The local woman says Mr. FRODD Again and AGAIN….

    ME: Engr CME-S–says…anytime they nominate to evict him…We sAve and Evict Them>>>Chikena…

  5. Frodd all the way,even if the house are against you ,we your fans and Nigeria are behind you Emmanuel oleka said so nwa Abia

  6. Vote Esther for frodd because i am not sure frodd would enjoy his stay if esther is evicted. So i am saying vote esther & frodd.

  7. Please vote for Cindy. She is a nice girl with a good heart. She is very valuable to her team and she put in her best in the nomination task. She does not deserve the outcome of Ike’s veto power exercise.Please vote for Cindy to remain in the house.

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