Abeg Naira Envelop for Housemates in Week One

Abeg Naira Envelop for Housemates in Week One.

Biggie called all housemates into the arena hall and instructed them of pick an envelope which was placed on a table in the arena hall.

Biggie placed 23 cards on the table in the arena game-hall and asked all 22 housemates to stand in front of any envelope with one envelop left in the center.

Big Brother instructed the housemates to pick the envelop in front of them with one envelop left unpicked, but instructed them not to open the envelop to see the content of the Abeg Naira unless they are told to do so.

He also added that housemates must not engage in stealing or pilfering, and housemates must not also reveal the contents of their envelope.

Big Brother asked the housemates to go with the 23rd card and decide who gets the envelope. The housemates argued extensively on the device to adopt to predict the winner. Peace suggested the ‘Game of chance’, while Saga came up with the idea of ‘Game of skills’, which Nini immediately objected to.

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The HOH decided to draw a vote, as she believes that’s everybody’s opinion must count, 17 housemates voted in for the Game of chance.

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