Meet BBNaija ALEX Housemate 2018 | ALEX Lifestyle And Photo

Meet BBNaija ALEX Housemate 2018 | ALEX Lifestyle And Photo.

Below is a simple write-up about ALEX BBNaija Housemate 2018 and her lifestyle.

Alex – she’s going to be 22, says she is a trouble maker. She is 21, she is a social butterfly who enjoys dancing and talking. She likes polar bears and has promised not to hold back on anything whilst in the House. She believes everything about herself is unique and does not like fake or dirty people

This single, vibrant, young lady is one of three children and she said she will miss her family the most while in the House. She prides herself on being unique and daring.

Alex believes that she will stand out because she “won’t hold back” so hold on to your hats folks because it looks like we are in for a wild ride.

She feels her weird hair and fashion sense will make her stand out. Being evicted for no reason is her biggest fear. Being small, she doesn’t like short guys and won’t have s*x in the House. Her turnoffs are ugly toenails, mouth and people who pick their nose.

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