“I can never be poor again, I’m buying a new car soon” – Ifu Ennada

“I can never be poor again, I’m buying a new car soon” – Ifu Ennada

The BBN 2018 reality TV star who recently launched her natural hair care products, BeaitIFU ENNADA also declared that she will never be poor again as those days are over in her life.

Ifu Ennada also stated that her massive investments are paying off and a new car is already on the way.

Read Ifu Ennada post below;

Ifu Ennada had disclosed how she almost featured in child porn due to poverty – according to her, the person who offered her a role in the child porn movie told her that the proceeds would help liberate her and her family from poverty.

However she added that last she heard about the man, was that he was terribly sick.

Ennada wrote,

”#TBT Once upon a time, poverty was my next door neighbour…15yrs old Ifu.

I remember how some man almost forced me into acting in Child Pornography. He said the money was good and would help liberate my family financially, but I knew that life wasn’t for me. I just knew God would bless me and it wouldn’t be from sleeping with people to get money or acting in such immoral films.

I don’t even know where the man is, last I heard of him, about 7yrs ago, he was terribly sick.

Wetin I never see for this life?

beautIFU people of God, my story is changing one day at a time, if God can lift me up and change my story, he can do the same to you.

Don’t give up, keep working, have faith, your breakthroughs are closer than you think. Can you spot me in this picture?

Hint: My face was always significantly darker than my body because trekking long distances and hawking was a major part of my life then.

I’m very grateful to God. I’m grateful to everyone one of you supporting me and making sure I stay on top”.

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