About Sam Bledsoe Big Brother 20 Houseguest, Biography and Lifestyle

About Sam Bledsoe Big Brother 20 Houseguest, Biography and Lifestyle.

Here is a brief take on Sam Bledsoe Biography and Lifestyle as one of the 2018 #BB 20 houseguests.

Sam Bledsoe has a seriously developed strategy for Big Brother 20 and takes the prize sharing the most in-depth view of her plans. Step 1: win the first HOH. Now that’s a bold move for Sam! Once she gets power she’ll shift to the background and play the other HGs with her powers of manipulation. Easier said than done, but let’s see what she can do on Big Brother!

BB 20 Sam Bledsoe Bio Data

Age: 27

Hometown: Stuarts Draft, VA

Current City: Stuarts Draft, VA

Occupation: Welder

Big Brother Sam Bledsoe Lifestyle and Interview

Three adjectives that describe you: Multifaceted, charming and charismatic.

Favorite Activities: Making, building, creating things, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and dancing.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Using the bathroom.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: Daniele Donato. She’s a smart girl who happens to be pretty. Not a pretty girl who happens to be smart.

My life’s motto is: Never give up.

What would you take into the house and why:

  • My Rooster pooch. He is my cuddle buddy.
  • My wood burner and some wood. It’s a hobby of mine and it’s relaxing.
  • A picture of my family and loved ones because I’m going to miss my people.

Fun facts about yourself:

Used to be a hair stylist before becoming a welder fabricator, raised honeybees. I catch critters like snakes and raccoons with my bare hands.

Do you have a strategy for winning the game: I think I am starting off with many natural advantages. My personality is perfectly suited for this social experiment. My strategy is to draw on my experience working in small-town restaurants. I will come in and genuinely be myself, and just lay low until I have an exact reading on everyone. I am extremely perceptive and intuitive, a master of the “mirror” technique. I create a connection and genuine sense of security. As a hairdresser and bartender, I am an excellent listener, people just want to tell me everything for some reason, and I have a steel-trap memory. I don’t forget.

I will “lay low” at first and just have fun! As far as the competitions, I will do what I can to throw them but I want first HOH. I am a natural leader and I want to establish myself as such and from there, influence the other houseguests by means of gentle persuasion and manipulation. Another terrible talent of mine. I will more than likely find several alliances but pick just one to take with me and I will inevitably have to abuse them in some way to hide our bond from others. As the game progresses I will have to keep making decisions on the fly, so I can’t say exactly how I am going to win, just that I am going to win.

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